There and Back Again (A Fray’s Tale)
This last 6 month’s chapter has definitely been one of distilling what we’ve learned from our London experience. It’s also been a time of decompressing back into American culture and the added adventure of expanding our family. In a sense we are “looking back and looking forward” as that is exactly the season of life we find ourselves in.
We can draw many parallels from the beloved Tolkien tale of a Hobbit leaving his beloved Shire. Striking out on an adventure to forsake the relative comfort and safety of the “known” and stepping out into the “unknown”–taking the “Risk” for a cause greater than himself.
The last 5 years has stretched us and shaped us in ways I am fairly confident would not have happened had we stayed in our “Shire” of Lexington. And for that we are grateful. But even Bilbo and Frodo had a time of retreat after each adventure. Once the dragon Smaug had been destroyed–and following the destruction of the One Ring and Sauron–both retreated to the Shire to catch their breath and heal up a bit. In some ways that feels like what we are doing. Ok, enough of Hobbits…I’m getting hungry for some “nice crispy bacon.”
We are so thankful for each of you that it seems lacking for me to try and reduce our thanks to writing. But THANK YOU all the same. I hope you realize how humbled and honored we have been through your support of prayers and finance. What was sowed during our time in London was definitely a worthy Kingdom investment. And you, God’s faithful people, were used to make that happen. Please take a moment and let that sink in.
Well, here is a quick update of what is happening with us at present. We are gearing up for our first Christmas back in the US in quite some time. We have been learning to navigate working and childcare…and have had great re-connects with family and friends. Avery is now 4…she is very spirited and attending Co-op pre-school. Lily just turned 6 months and is full of smiles and joy (and other baby stuff). Lorelei has returned to Baptist Health as a nurse working in Mother/Baby. And we’ve recently bought a “Hobbit-like” home just across from the hospital. I am potentially going to help lead a C&MA church plant this Spring called “New City” at West 6th Brewery. We will remain with Marketplace Ministries during our time in Lexington, and I have just been given the privilege of being named the guest speaker at the MM forum in Spain this coming June. While we don’t know what the future holds, MM would like to see us back overseas within the next three years. For those of you that are continuing to support us- that money will go toward our ministry efforts both in Lex and our trip to Spain. It will also allow us to take some time in coming months to hear clearly for our “next”.
Ok-that seemed a bit like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. You get a little to drink- but you mostly get wet! We would love to connect with you in person whenever possible…So if that’s something of interest to you–please don’t hesitate to hit us up for a coffee or tea sometime!